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#32 Chicken-pork adobo

Chicken-pork adobo is one of the well-loved classics in Filipino cooking. Adobo is actually a legacy of the Spanish influence in Philippine cooking, and is a generic term for a method of cooking or preparing softly-boiled meat dishes in soya sauce and vinegar.

In chicken-pork adobo the main ingredients are soya sauce, garlic (lots of it!), sliced or shredded onions, laurel bay leaves, white vinegar, a dash of ginger (to mask the meaty smell), several drops of cooking oil (if you prefer not to pre-fry or cripsly sear the meat) and black peppers roughly grinded.

Without adding salt but with a little bit of water, all ingredients are combined and left to softly simmer until the meat becomes succently tender. Making the sauce a bit more gluey by adding dissolved cornstarch is an option.

Adobo has many variants including fish and vegetables such as adobong bangus (milk fish)shrimp adobo, kang-kong (water spinach) adobo, adobong pusit (ink fish) and grilled adobo. Whatever your taste or preferences are adobo is easy to prepare and guarantees you a sure winner on the kitchen table.

Mabuhay ang adobo!

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