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#259 Champoy

Champoy  Photo from Sulit.com

Champoy Photo from Sulit.com

Champoy is a sweet-salty-sourish dried plum that is popular in the Philippines as snack candy. Chinese in origin as the ‘hopia’ and ‘tikoy,’ champoy  is best loved for its strong taste, and afficionados swear to its unique tangy flavor.

Wrinkled and often-rust colored, champoy is a candy that one either loves or hates. There are several varieties of champoy, but the basic flavor is the sharp sweetness mixed with saltiness. A preference for champoy can also be an acquired taste. Champoy has been thoroughly adapted into the Filipino eating culture, and remains popular up to this day despite the widespread availability of Western candies  and snack food items.

Mabuhay ang champoy!


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