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#215 Otap

If one has visited Cebu it’s hard to miss the popular otap, an oval-shaped puff pastry that is deliciously crispy. The province is well-known for the original otap, and produces this tasty pastry for both local and foreign markets.

Otap is usually made from flour, shortening, coconut milk and sugar. In order to achieve the distinctive texture of the pastry, the dough undergoes a two-stage baking process. Freshly baked otap has a flaky crispiness and goes well with tea, coffee or hot chocolate.  Cebuanos are proud of this pastry and bakers in the city are well-stocked with piles of otap. The pastry is also a popular souvenir or homecoming gift (pasalubong) for those visiting Cebu. Don’t fail to try otap when visiting Cebu.

Bon appétit!

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