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#201 Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island off Mindanao in southern Philippines deserves a listing of its own as this is one island that features almost all the prime destinations and attractions that a traveller would wish for–  white beaches, volcanoes, the sweetest lanzones in the country, ancestral houses, waterfalls, hot springs…Camiguin has it.

The island itself has seven volcanoes with the 1,250-meter Mt. Hibok-Hibok being the most popular and the only active volcano in the island. Dubbed as the ‘Garden of Eden,” Camiguin boasts some of the Philippines’s most beautiful beaches. A favorite sandy beach is Agohay Beach, located around seven kilometers from Agoho in Mambajao.

Lanzones is a top-selling produce of Camiguin with the island staging in October the annual two-day Lanzones Festival, a grand display of agricultural products, ending with a grand parade of the lanzones. The island has numerous waterfalls, Katibawasan Falls being one of the most famous and accessible, with a 160-meter drop of a slender stream of water. A shallow basin with its icy cold water is surrounded by a primeval tableaux of wild ferns, trees and giant boulders.

Mabuhay ang Camiguin!


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#163 Old Catarman Church Ruins

Old Catarman Church Ruins (also known as Guiob Church)  is located in the village of Bonbon, about 10 kms. from Catarman Poblacion in Camiguin Island, Mindanao, southern Philippines.

On May 1, 1871, the volcanic Mt. Daan erupted and the devastating eruption destroyed the original 16th Century Spanish settlement in Catarman. A portion of the town sank beneath the sea. After the eruption, the settlement moved to where the town center is presently located. Today, all that remains of old Catarman are the ruins of the ancient Spanish church, a convent and a bell tower.

The grass-covered ruins of adobe walls, belfry and convent are mute witnesses to the wrath of nature. Now under local park authorities, the place also gives a glimpse into the culture of Spanish-era Camiguin, one of the first Philippine islands visited by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan and colonised by Spanish settlers.

Mabuhay ang Old Catarman Church!

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#88 Ardent Hot Springs

Ardent Hot Springs is a popular hot water resort in Camiguin Island located off the northern coast of  Mindanao. The waters of the Ardent Hot Spring is 40°C and is heated by the volcanic activity of Mount Hibok-Hibok. There are several pools and a large recreation area.

The resort is located six kilometers southwest of Mambajao in Esperanza, Tagdo, Mambajao and is considered the most popular of Camiguin’s hot springs. The resort has a four-tiered pool of varying depths and warmth. The hottest and shallowest is on top. There are cottages, a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, and dormitory facilities provided for local and foreign tourists.

The ideal time for swimming is early morning or late afternoon. Visitors also enjoy the resort’s lush, green surroundings, and the resort is popular all the year-round.

Mabuhay ang Ardent Hot Springs!

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