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#162 Buko Pie

Buko pie (young coconut pie) is a traditional Filipino pastry which uses young coconut meat (the so-called malauhog buko) as a pie filling.

Instead of cream the pie uses sweetened condensed milk. There are several variants of the pie, such as the macapuno pie which uses another special type of young coconut. Originally, buko pie was a delicacy only available in the Philippines, but blast freezing technology has allowed buko pie-makers the ability to export (from Wikipedia).

Laguna is well-known for the best buko pie makers and discerning Filipino fans travel all the way to Los Banos in Laguna to buy the freshest and best buko pies in town. Entering Los Banos town from Calamba City, there are  numerous buko pie vendors. But the best and so-called original, family-owned bakeries are Lety’s and Collete’s.

Bon appétit!

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