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#231 Loboc River Cruise

A popular destination and activity in Bohol province is the Loboc River Cruise. More than the river’s floating restaurants, visitors are  treated with the magnificent and breathtaking view of the Loboc River and its surroundings. The clean river is complemented with green landscapes and tall coconut trees with a thick rain forest as backdrop.

Loboc is around 24 kms away from provincial capital Tagbilaran City and is included in many Bohol tour packages. There are two choices for the river cruise. One is via a banca or dug-out canoe where the boatmen take visitors to the cascading mini waterfall of Busay. Another is by boarding the floating restaurants stationed at the new the Loay Bridge. The food in the floating restaurants feature local delicacies, and the dining and buffet experience are accompanied with entertainment.

The river cruise ends at the Busay Falls and it marks the end point for the floating restaurants. Some boat tours stop at a tribal community along the banks of the river where members of the ethnic Ati tribe welcome visitors with music. Visitors mingle with the tribe members who show their skills in archery and hunting. The visit is free although a small donation is always appreciated which helps the tribe in various social projects (From the Visit Bohol Association).

Mabuhay ang Bohol!

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