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#320 Biscocho

The Philippine biscocho is obviously derived from the Spanish original. In the Philippines ‘biscocho’ is usually toasted left-over bread topped with butter or margarine and generously sprinkled with sugar. It can also be a week-old butter cake bread that is toasted and hardened.

Biscocho (Spanish for sponge cake) has prompted the Filipino version which has now become a popular pastry snack. There are even biscocho houses or stores in central Visayas particularly in Iloilo and Negros provinces where this pastry is a favourite food souvenir item. With its sugary crust and toasty crunchiness, biscocho is often paired or eaten with coffee, tea or warm chocolate drinks. An old-fashioned way of eating bischocho is to dip the crust in the coffee or choco drink to soften the crusty bread.

Bon appétit!

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