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#40 Binatog

Binatog is boiled corn topped with grated coconut and a sprinkling of salt to taste. But what makes binatog special is that a special type of corn is used for this tasty snack.

The white corn is a sticky or glutinuous type of corn that has a creamy taste to it. Binatog used to be a popular street food, particularly during the rainy season when a freshly cooked (still warm) heap of binatog makes a filling snack. Served on banana leaves with freshly grated coconut, binatog is a sure winner.

Somehow, though, the variety of corn suited for binatog has become less common in the market and other corn varieties just don’t fit the bill. Hopefully this snack will make a revival as it makes for a unique, nutritious and tasty snack.

Mabuhay ang binatog!


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