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#328 Pinasugbo

Pinasugbo is a popular banana dessert in the Visayas region, central Philippines. Saba or plantain bananas are thinly sliced, deep fried to a crisp, and coated in thick cane sugar and lightly coated or sprinkled with sesame seeds.

One often finds pinagsugbo sold in bus stations, small stores and in public markets. The banana slices stick together,  and are mostly wrapped in paper or plastic to make eating easier. Decades ago before the popularity of modern plastic packaging, pinasugbo are wrapped in banana leaves. Unfortunately, pinasugbo is among the traditional Pinoy desserts that are being sidelined by more modern pastries and imported candies.

But to those who spent their childhood eating pinagsubo as pasalubong (homecoming gift), nothing can replace the nostalgia or remembrances brought by this very original and tasty Pinoy banana treat.

Mabuhay ang pinasugbo!

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